The NCER-PD team and its collaborators have created a variety of videos aimed at people with Parkinson’s disease, their families/carers, and health professionals. They also help to raise public awareness about Parkinson’s disease and the various therapies available.

Together with ParkinsonNet Luxembourg, the NCER-PD team has created videos focusing on different types of therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy) that can help people with Parkinson’s manage their symptoms efficiently.

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Better living with Parkinson's disease - advanced therapies


Occupational Therapy

Speech & language Therapy

The NCER-PD team, together with its collaborators, develops informative material about Parkinson’s disease and research on the topic done in Luxembourg.

All this material has been developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals specialized in Parkinson’s disease. They are available for free. Do not hesitate to explore the offer below!

Fact sheets


Parkinson's Fighter