Data & Samples

The MRI data will be collected at the Donders Institute for Brain in the Netherlands (DIB). Participants’ data will be collected in a pseudonymised way without any personal information. Thus, none of your explicit identity, like your name or address, is included in or directly associated with the MRI datasets. Therefore, your privacy is best preserved.

Next to the imaging data, additional clinical information will be collected, which is also routinely assessed in the frame of the basic clinical assessment in the Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study. In all aspects of the data collection, we adhere strictly to the new European data protection regulations (GDPR). Your coded (pseudonymised) data will be analysed by dedicated members of the LCSB (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine) and collaborating members of the DIB. Your data may also become available for future studies in anonymised form. The results of these studies will be likely published in medical and scientific journals. In this case, all results shall be published anonymously to ensure that you cannot be identified. Your name and identity will not appear in any of the published materials.

Detailed information on how we handle data and samples are described in the Study Information Sheet (LINK) of the study.