Data & Samples

All information provided by the participants is kept confidential. The study received approval from the CNER and the Ministry of Health and is performed in compliance with the European law on data protection (GDPR).

The data collected during this study include age, gender, ethnicity, demographics, diagnosis, associated medical conditions, concomitant medications and treatments, risk factors, family history of disease, test results, sleep laboratory data, imaging data and data derived from genetic analysis.

All samples are safely stored at the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL). The data are stored on encrypted data servers located at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB, University of Luxembourg), which implements appropriate security measures. All data are pseudonymised, meaning that a confidential reference code will be used instead of your personal identifiable information. This code alone does not allow you to be directly identified and will only be used for the scientific processing of your data. Only authorised members of the research team can access them.

The LCSB also applies the principle of data segregation, i.e., identification data on the one hand and research data on the other hand, are stored on different secure servers to minimise the potential risks of re-identification. Despite all security efforts, the risk of a data breach is not null but can be described as very low.