Parkinson's Fighter: Carlos

Parkinson's Fighter Carlos

Sometimes people look at me and I can tell what they are thinking: "There is something wrong with that guy" - but I don't mind. However, it wasn't always like that: about 3 years ago, I was walking in a park near Echternach with my family and suddenly I started shaking. I couldn't control it anymore. At first, I was hiding behind the trees. I didn't want anyone to see because it was very uncomfortable for me.


After the suspicion came the diagnosis a few weeks later: Parkinson's disease! At first, of course, it was difficult to come to terms with it, but then I realised very quickly: I have to go on! Even with Parkinson's, you should not give up and continue to lead an active social life. If you stop being active because it is difficult, you only forget things even more. That's why I still walk a lot and try to do as much as I can at home myself. By now, my wife even tells me to rest more - she is always a great support for me!

Despite all the difficulties caused by Parkinson's disease, I have learned one thing in recent years: what matters the most is your own attitude!