Parkinson's Fighters: Ruxandra, Sabine, Lucie & Sophie

“Through our work we have been in contact with people with Parkinson’s with diverse life and disease stories. Their energy and positivity is admirable, which often puts your own life and our society’s luxury problems in perspective. We are happy to fight alongside with the patients. It is a fight for the best treatment to stop shaking hands and many other symptoms, a fight to lead a good and happy life as long as possible, a fight to find a cure for a brain that ages faster than it should! In order to raise awareness for the disease and the necessary research we wanted to create an event that conveyed the fighting spirit we observe in many patients and that could interest many of you. And didn’t we all love pillow fights as kids? They where fun and cheerful – and of course there was always a good reason to battle your siblings or parents. But why does all this fun stop when we grow up? We thought it is time to do this again - all together in the heart of Luxembourg City to fight for a good cause! You wouldn’t want to miss that, right?”