Parkinson's Fighter: Eva-Maria

Parkinson's Fighter - Eva Maria

Around two years ago, I noticed that walking suddenly became more and more difficult. After I finally went to see a doctor, he did an examination and found that I had advanced Parkinson's disease. Of course, this was a big shock for me at first: I felt very lonely, and I didn't know what to do.

However, in the meantime I have met many other people who are in a similar situation like me through the patients' association in Leudelange. Thanks to the mutual exchange and many social activities, but also thanks to well-adjusted medication, I have found new courage. When you have Parkinson's, you cannot and should not compare yourself to young, healthy people but neither should you resign yourself to all the limitations. At the moment I still need a rollator to walk but my big goal is to be able to move without it again one day. In any case, the social exchange with others motivates me a lot and gives me back my quality of life.

So even if I thought at first that nothing was possible anymore, I now have a different opinion: many things are still possible after all!