Parkinson's Fighters: Géraldine & Michèle

“A lot of people think about tremor when they think about Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, the disease is much more complex and has many different symptoms. As neuropsychologists we investigate mainly the cognitive symptoms like memory or concentration problems or depression. Whether a patient will get these symptoms cannot be predicted yet. Many are afraid of this. Because when they appear, they have an impact on every day life – particularly for younger patients that still work. For the independence and quality of life it is very important to remain mentally fit. In the Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study we hence do research on how cognitive processes take place in the brain and whether we can diagnose Parkinson’s disease earlier and more precise using certain congitive tests. Many of these symptoms show up already long before the motor problems start and could hence be used as warning signals. And the earlier we can treat it, the better!”