Parkinson's Fighter: Kimberly

Parkinson's Fighter_ Kimberly Stein Biwer

­­I have been working as a speech and language therapist for 23 years. As a member of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg, I benefit a lot from the mutual exchange with my colleagues. In my view, following a holistic therapeutic approach can benefit both the patient and the therapist. A close cooperation with other health professionals like occupational therapists, physiotherapists, neurologists and nurses as well as with patients’ caregivers is crucial to develop an efficient treatment. Every professional has a different perspective, thus putting together our knowledge allows us to learn from each other in order to reach a better understanding of this complex disease. By empowering the patient, we enable him to take an active part in the treatment of his disease.

During my daily work, I also learn a lot from my patients. As every person with Parkinson’s disease has a different background, their therapy needs to be personalised and individual strategies have to be developed. This includes exercises for speech and swallowing, but also giving explanations and recommendations to establish a daily routine for practice. If needed, family members or caregivers are included in the treatment strategy by explaining common challenges to them so they can better understand and support the patient in everyday life.

I truly believe that multidisciplinary and patient-centred care is the key element for an efficient therapy.