Parkinson's Fighter: Laurent

After more than a decade abroad where I worked as an aerospace scientist, I returned to Luxembourg to do research on Parkinson’s disease. What sounds far away is actually more similar than you might think. Both disciplines deal with complex systems that can be simulated on the computer. Currently I am looking into thousands of biochemical reactions in order to find the most important differences between people with and without Parkinson’s. It’s like finding the needle in the haystack and without computer-driven methods this wouldn’t be possible. Working with the fastest computers in Luxembourg, we are able to truly accelerate biomedicine. I am doing the computational groundwork, you could say. In aerospace I was one of many, many engineers. Here I feel I can bring something unique to the table. In Luxembourg seemingly unrelated disciplines – biologists, doctors, mathematicians, computer scientists, and aerospace engineers – are solving problems related to Parkinson’s together. This is our strength!