Parkinson's Fighters: René & Constant (Luxembourgish Rotary Clubs)

One of the main aims of the Rotary International is the treatment of the diseases. Through the project “espoir en tête”, the Luxembourgish Rotary Clubs have already financially supported several projects in the field of brain research in the last five years. The research results so far have been impressive and encourage us to do more activities. One of the impressive strengths of the Rotary members is to raise money. In addition, we don’t hesitate to lend a hand and achieve big things, like the almost worldwide eradication of polio, and the noteworthy successes in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. … Such results can only be achieved through a broad collaboration with research institutes and other competent partners. Rotary can open doors and convince on all levels! The “pillow fight event” hence is a good opportunity for the Rotary to symbolically support the tireless fight against Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, we see all to often in our circle of friends what it means to have to fight this fight daily. Such challenges can only be mastered together. Only then we have the chance to achieve great things. And as fighting makes you hungry, we hope that many visitors will regain their strengths from our record-setting 100m long Baamkuch and other culinary treats. With the proceeds of their sale we will make another contribution to brain research in Luxembourg.