Your Corporate Team


Would you like to...

...foster the team spirit of you employees?

...increase visibility of your company? fight for a good cause?

Join the public PILLOW FIGHT with your corporate team to fight Parkinson’s disease!


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before August 24th and receive 12 pillows for 90€*!
  • Wear your corporate t-shirts!
  • Join the different 30min pillow fights throughout the afternoon !
  • Have fun fighting other corporate teams and the general public
  • Eat one of the 100m Baamkuch pieces* produced by Rotary Luxembourg and learn about Parkinson’s research on one of the many research booths!


Several companies will fight with us for Parkinson’s, so you will probably have the chance to fight against some of your competitors!

So book your agenda and get your pillows ready! We would be delighted to see you there with your corporate team!


* All proceeds go to the National Centre of Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s Disease.