Parkinson's Fighter: Frank

“The most annoying thing is my right arm. It doesn’t hurt, but the tremor simply doesn’t stop anymore, no matter how hard I try. For other people a shaking arm seems to be as interesting as an accident on the highway. Especially in the beginning I found that quite confronting, but I got used to being stared at. The arm and the disease in general don’t let me sleep; walking in circles around my apartment at night makes me tired the next day due to the lack of sleep. But I am only 47 years old and I am not a person that simply gives up, otherwise I get depressed. So I get up and do something that helps other patients: I organize campaigns and events for the patient association Jung und Parkinson e.V. – without stress and time pressure - as fast as I still can. I try to be an example for others and show that you can still do things, of course not as before the diagnosis. I stopped thinking about what I was able to do before and rather focus on the things I can still do. Because things are still possible! And to help others is an amazing thing.”