Parkinson's Fighter: Jean-Yves

“I have been working as a nurse in different disease areas and hospitals and I loved my job. Then I had a traffic accident, which suddenly didn’t allow me to work anymore for six years. I am happy I could start working again in 2011 as research nurse at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Never heard of about a research nurse? My work is divided principally in two main activities: helping researchers to manage and organize the research project as well as taking care of patients or healthy volunteers that participate in our studies. The job is very diverse as I am in contact with many participants and professions and do a lot of outreach activities to invite people to join the studies and advance research. This motivates me a lot! I am working now on different interesting studies, one of them being the Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study. Here, I take care of the organization, the recruitment and the visits of healthy volunteers, which are equally important to participate in our research to compare their results with patients. I am very pleased to contribute to the development of knowledge in different areas of health and hope that many more people without Parkinson’s will take the time to participate!”