Parkinson's Fighter: Marie-Jeanne


My first symptoms began 25 years ago. Back then, my thumbs were trembling all the time. At some point, I started to hide my hands under the table so no one would see them. However, the doctors at the time claimed that I didn’t have any disease and did not pay attention to the tremor. Later, the trembling started to also affect my hands and driving my car became more and more difficult. Only then, did the doctors suspect it might be Parkinson’s. I received the final diagnosis only five years ago. In a way, this was a relief as I finally knew what I was dealing with. Now, I have good control over my symptoms thanks to medication and electrotherapy. Even if there are surely some constraints in everyday life, I still stand my ground. There are many good therapists and also many kind people in my social environment who are helping me. But it is also very important to remain active yourself and not to give up. It helps a lot to meet others to avoid isolation, as together we can fight Parkinson’s much better.