Parkinson's Fighter: Roseline

“I have been volunteering for 25 years at the patient organization Parkinson Lëtzebuerg. 25 years ago, the situation for Parkinson’s patients was very different. When you got the diagnosis, you had to come to terms with it. Nobody knew a lot about the disease, not even the doctors. Most of the patients didn’t even see a neurologist, but simply got their medication from the general practitioner. In fact, there weren’t many different drugs anyway. In the association we advocated for more information for our members through activities and conferences. After all, the most important thing is not to give up. Therefore, good information and education is important. This changed a lot in recent years. People became more open and are less afraid to come to the patient association to ask for help and support. Luckily, today Parkinson’s is not a taboo anymore.“