Parkinson's Fighter: Sarina

Parkinsons Fighter_Sarina

As a physiotherapist, I am regularly working together with Parkinson’s patients to support their daily life activities. This includes many different exercises, which have to be adapted individually, depending on the constitution of each patient. In my experience, it is also important to perform the exercises at their own pace as the speed of their movement is often reduced. Through stepwise adaptation and training, the patients can gain confidence and a sense of achievement without being stressful. Moreover, it is important to acknowledge that moving more slowly is not necessarily a bad thing.

The progresses patients can make  are quite impressive. The key is often to define a personal goal – such as continuing to ski safely or playing an instrument – as a way to stay motivated. This can be a tremendous driving force, especially to train motor skills. Even if everyday movements are becoming more and more difficult, it is important to remain active.

Defining personal goals and exercising consciously can help to regain a better quality of life. Motivation is everything!