Parkinson's Fighters: Stéphane and the boxing team

Stephane and the boxing team
We had the idea to offer boxing training for people with Parkinson’s disease more than ten years ago. Formerly, I was an active boxer and trainer myself. I was searching for new areas to get involved in. In the beginning, the patients did not really know what to expect. But it soon became obvious that our concept was working very well and since then we have been offering a training session at least once a week. By now, we are even having one in the afternoon and one in the evening. This way, people who are still working can also participate.

The training itself focuses on balance, coordination and motility. Additionally, the psychological aspect is very important to us. Many participants report that, thanks to the training, they now feel much more secure and confident in their everyday life. Also working in the garden became much easier for some of them. But most of all, it is important to have fun together and get an energy boost by laughing.

The attitude towards the disease is very important in Parkinson’s and we also try to address that in our training. Thus, many patients go way beyond their usual limit and seem to almost forget that they have the disease. This is a wonderful and very motivating experience, and it also helps us to develop ourselves continuously. I would like to say thank you for those many years of cooperation: We are Parkinson’s Fighters!