Parkinson's Fighter: Thomas


Two years ago, I received an invitation to become part of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg as a physiotherapist. Since then, my therapy offers and also my way to deal with patients has improved continuously thanks to regular seminars and workshops I attended. I think patients can profit a lot from the interdisciplinary team ParkinsonNet is composed of. Therapists from different disciplines, patient associations and physicians work closely together and exchange with each other. By coordinating their appointments and defining priorities, treatments can be performed in a more targeted and efficient manner. This is better for the patients, as we as therapists know what is happening in other sessions and exchange with our colleagues on the progress of treatments.

Personally, the exchange of experience beyond my own field of therapy is also very interesting. Thanks to ParkinsonNet, I now can create a more integrated concept in my treatments. Often I get to know my patients well and this personal connection with them motivates and encourages me in my work. What I find very impressive is that most patients never give up despite their situation and that they keep their sense of humour. A community such as ParkinsonNet makes you strong against Parkinson’s!