Parkinson's Fighter: Jasmin

“I knew that in the Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study patients are examined for research. And then I learned that they also need healthy participants to be able to compare the data. This was very logical to me: if you want to know what goes wrong, of course you also look at the healthy state in details. Healthy is of course relative – like everyone I also have my little ailments, but no Parkinson’s disease. And this is what counts to be participate as control subject in the study. Hence I did the same tests that are also done with the patients: my movements where checked, my memory, dexterity and sense of smell got tested and I gave a blood, saliva and urine sample. All in all three very informative hours, in which I hopefully could make a small contribution to research. Besides me they need another 799 people – so what are you waiting for? If you think about how long patients have to spend with their disease then I feel that three hours of my time are well invested into research.”