Parkinson's Fighter: Michel

I have been fascinated by the brain even long before I started my medical studies. Therefore, it was only natural that during my specialisation as a doctor, the brain played a key role. As a neuropathologist at the Laboratoire Nationale de Santé, I now conduct brain autopsies, attempting to increase the knowledge on the human brain. Besides my clinical work, I am also leading two research teams at both the University’s Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine and the Luxembourg Institute of Health. This way, I am trying to bridge the gap between fundamental research and clinical applications. By transferring knowledge from research directly into the clinic on one side, and validating clinical finding in laboratories on the other side, there can be large mutual benefits.

One of our key projects is to establish for the first time a Brain Bank in Luxembourg. There, brain samples from both people with or without Parkinson’s disease (or related disorders) that have decided to donate their brain to research after death are stored. Such a repository will give us the unique opportunity to directly investigate human samples to get a better understanding of the disease. For the benefit of future generations!