Parkinson's Fighter: Paul

The announcement of the diagnosis was very tough. I was very shocked by the news. The doctor did not prepare me at all on what was going to follow, and simply told me that I had Parkinson's disease without any further explanation. On a daily basis, there are good and bad days. The disease can be very exhausting. I would say that, what annoys me the most in my daily life, is the stiffness of my body, which makes every movement difficult.

Parkinson's disease has had both a negative and a positive effect on my life. I have, so to speak, lost friends, who unfortunately could not handle my diagnosis. However, my true friendships have been revealed and reinforced! I tried to stay as long as possible in my job. However, over time, I noticed that I could not work as fast as before.

I think it's important to know that Parkinson's disease greatly affects our freedom of movement. We are limited. And, this disease not only affects us physically, it also impacts our social relationships.