Parkinson’s research as key topic in the ‘RBS – Bulletin’

The Luxembourgish association, RBS – Center fir Altersfroen, has published in its latest magazine an article on the Luxembourg Parkinson Study. The article highlights how Luxembourg successfully became an internationally recognised site to investigate Parkinson’s disease.

Better living with Parkinson’s disease: the right therapy at the right time

It is important that people with Parkinson’s disease receive the optimal treatment as soon as possible to efficiently act against symptoms such as tremors and stiffness. The standard treatment includes Levodopa, a medication that replaces the dopamine. However, due to the progression of the disease over time, the medication effect gets more unstable, also related to varying levels of medication in the blood, which then causes fluctuations (dyskinesia or freezing).

Today, we are very pleased to present you the new edition of our bi-annual newsletter, through which we will keep you informed of the progress of the study and important events.

1600 participants recruited! What’s next for the Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study?

In 2015, the ambitious National Centre of Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD) was launched with the support of the National research Fund (FNR). This research programme brought together research institutions focusing on Parkinson’s disease in Luxembourg, with the aim of answering urgent questions on Parkinson’s disease.

Clinical research is defined as all medical research performed on humans. It aims to improve the knowledge of diseases in order to improve medical care for the patients. The Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study is one of the largest clinical research studies in Luxembourg. By investigating 800 Parkinson’s patients and control subjects each, our researchers aim to find new ways for earlier diagnosis and better treatment for Parkinson’s disease.